Artist's Statement: "My work is to inspire appreciation of one's
surroundings, and to encourage peace, freedom, and happiness."

me underlit
Humankind's Place in the Environment #1
"Humankind's Place in the Environment #1", 1995.
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LeSean McCoy Portrait
Portrait of LeSean McCoy for UCP.
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molloy crest
Molloy Family Crest.
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Degree from MassArt, Boston, 1999.
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Bachelor of Fine Arts MassArt; Boston, MA; USA 1999. Illustration Major.

massart logo

Studied Under: George Nick, Irena Roman, Ron Hayes, Floyd Covert, Don Brandt and many others. MassArt; Boston, MA; USA 1999. Illustration Major.

"Mass. College of Art and Design is one of the top colleges of its kind in the United States. Founded in 1873, MassArt has a legacy of leadership as the only independent public college of art and design in the country and the nation’s first art school to grant a degree. The college offers a comprehensive range of baccalaureate and graduate degrees in art and design, all taught by world-class faculty, along with continuing education and youth programs designed to encourage individual creativity. Whether at home in Boston or on the other side of the globe, the artists and designers of MassArt are dedicated to making a difference in their communities and around the world."

me at Jimmy Buffet Concert Foxboro MA USA 1997
Molloy @ Jimmy Buffet Concert Foxboro MA USA 1997

AutoBio 2008

"At MassArt, on the advice of Professor Ron Hayes (co-developer of Windsor & Newton's Acrylic formula), Bryan learned, for the owners and collectors of his work, to produce legacy quality investment art of paramount calibre. Molloy Studios uses the highest quality Windsor & Newton paints, Rembrandt paints, and heavy-duty, wagon-grade canvas, this ensures that a work by Bryan Thomas Molloy will last a minimum of 400 years, as an heirloom to many.

Currently, Molloy is working in an impressionist- realism style, painting everything from landscapes, portraits, and private commissions. Bryan donates his work and his time regularly to charities such as Habitat for Humanity, Aids Community Alliance, United CerebralPalsy, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Keystone Human Services, Art Association of Harrisburg.

Bryan co-created the popular ONSE series of one-night exhibits in local (Harrisburg, PA, U.S.A) restaurants and other night spots. He volunteered as Event Coordinator for a year.

Bryan is working in Harrisburg part-time as a Gallery Assistant at the Art Association of Harrisburg. He also takes on private commissions, portraits, and is painting several personal series, including a series of views from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a Steelton Steel Mill Series, views of the Susquehanna River, and a Rugby series."

Bryan Molloy

baby with scary face graphite
Early Work: "The Influence of Fear on Childhood Development", graphite
Gallery@Second opening
Molloy, Guth, Heikonig @ Gallery@Second's Guth and Molloy Exhibition Opening
PA State Capitol Solo Exhibition
Kat Mannucci and Molloy @ Capitol Solo Show
Ralph Diekemper at Capitol Show
Ralph Diekemper YouTube vid playing @ Capitol Solo Show
ohamill's animals logo
, Handpainted O'Hamill's Animals Dog Grooming Studio logo,
Light on Form #1, torso, figure series
Projects: "Light on Form #1"
HarrisProject digital composition
Hampton Yacht Club, VA USA

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John Singer Sargent, Francisco Goya, Umberto Boccioni, Edgar Degas, John Singleton Copley, Augustus Saint Gaudens, Eugene Delacroix, Frans Hals, Edvard Munch, Claude Monet, Dennis Miller Bunker, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo.

AutoBio 2015

"Creating value requires discipline and foresight. Producing content for general consumption, whether it be written or painted requires discipline and precision. No nonger is it possible to expend massive quantities of resources to burn through content in the hopes that by virtue of overwhelming numbers that the God of odds might grant one one quality product out of thousands. To contrast, I have always sought to lay the perfect stroke. When I was young I would scribble furiously and simply pick out the form amongst the confusion. Like the derrivative trend in digital photography, where hundreds of pictures are taken to be sifted through tomorrow, I would play the odds to my favor. Standing upon the crest of what may be the second half of my life, I see further. I can no longer assume that tomorrow is a guarantee. Each work must be greeted like a newborn. Each stroke must be addressed with perfect individuality. Each project shown the respect that repetition has wrought.Therefore my work will take its new direction from the mundane process of the previous forty years of experience and submission, onto a path of discernment and deliberation- far aloft of simple imitation and mere generation- and nearer to the vast expanse of continuous possibilities, endless recombinations, and limitless resources wrought automatically from the disciplined, educated, and open mind of human artistic expression in this first half of the 21st century; the second portion of my life; and the next phase of the liberation and maturation of the human species from this 'pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known'."

Bryan Thomas Molloy

Earth, digital illustration, 2015 with a link to Carl Sagan's 'pale blue dot' description.

AutoBio 2013

"I paint to show my appreciation of my surroundings in the style, or 'school' of Velasquez, John Singer Sargent and the 'American' or 'Boston Impressionists'. I seek to refound the discipline of the development of fine art tradition before two world wars destroyed objective and focus of the arts in the post-war period of the modern age. I produce art of 'Investment Art' calibre for the 21st century, to re-establish the strength, quality and importance of fine art as it relates to the encouragement and preservation of the creative spirit, which provides for the health of the global economy; by providing new ideas; as well as the adaptability needed for the survival of the human species and perpetuation of life as a whole."

Bryan Molloy

Egyptian Taxation, Pharoh with a gun
Early Work: "Egyptian Taxation", gouche

AutoBio 2011

"I am a Boston educated representational Impressionist: a style I refer to as Boston Impressionism. The appreciation of the world around me as it affects me intimately is the source of my inspiration and as a result my subjects tend to be interpretations of this. I also have a strong belief, related to the former issue, in supporting and strengthening the people and things which give structure to the things around me which I am indebted to and depend on daily- such as the historical and political structure of the community I am a part of. My goal is to be as Anton Chekov said, "...a free artist and nothing else."

Eagle with British Imperial Crown representing the head of a country defined as a monarch when lacking a representative body
Early Work: "A Head without a Body is a Monarchy", acrylic. Decapitated eagle's head with British Imperial Crown representing the default setting of American leadership as monarchy when it lacks its correspondant 'body', a representative populace.

"I am not a plein air painter. Like those I emulate; the Renaissance Masters, the French Academic Masters, the English Portrait Masters, and traditional academic technique; I am a studio painter. The brash elements, unwieldy and delicate equipment are not well suited, in my opinion, to such a fine operation as painting. I prefer instead the comfort of my studio, where I can dedicate more of my attention toward my work… to be absolutely indebted fully to concentration. As with decent conversation, the speaker is best heard when given one's fullest attention.

"I believe in technology. A professor @ MASSART (Irena Roman) said once that if technology was present in it's current forms @ the time of Michelangelo & DaVinci, they would have appreciated it's usefulness as a valuable tool to aid in their endeavors.

"My "style" is a product of my education in Boston, combined with my appreciation of ancient Chinese painting. My parents attended a Christian cult to which a majority of the "flock" were first generation Chinese immigrants, fresh from the travel. Resultingly, teachings, methodology and practice (the authorities there also being Chinese) were imparted to me as through a Chinese filter. In college @ MASSART, in an "Art of Ancient China" class, the Professor (a Grad- student from China) was so enamored of my understanding and description of Zen Buddhist teachings and their influence and evidence in a particular Ancient Chinese Master's painting— that she begged me to carefully correct the grammar and polish the presentation of the paper I had written hastily… so that she could have it published.

"MASSART influenced me tremendously. Especially with frequent, mandatory trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard's Fogg and Peabody Museums, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Boston's severely defined stoic cultural prowess did too. But much more influential, to me however, was the regional stress Boston placed upon her beloved "supertalent" John Singer Sargent (and the Impressionist wake of devotion found in his hereafter)! A fast-drawn riptide of which, tempered and tossed me, most affectionately in that resulting tsunami. I therefore am most definitely a product of my environment— I emulate Sargent (and the Kennedy boys) to the best of my ability. And not only Sargent, of course... his compatriots Dennis Miller Bunker, the Expatriates of that period; Whistler and the like. I then followed the tree's branch the way back to Diégo Velázquez and found Goya, spent a moment's respite with Edvard Münch and the Expressionists, dabbled intellectually with Umbérto Boccioni and the Futurists. Then after much searching and intense study, my heart felt at home, and I began to waddle my brush. Waddling I, now as then, through strange Oriental, Calligraphic, Expressionist, Impressionist finesses. Goya's small Expressionistic figures in the background of certain of his works, painted with merely three few strokes, are forever reeling and reveling in the back of my mind."

Bryan Molloy

Copy of Michelangelo Drawing

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Boston Impressionist Investment Art

me and ABC27 Greg Mace
Molloy and ABC27's Greg Mace

Key Points:

Portrait of Eagle's Runningback LeSean McCoy autographed and purchased by the athlete for charity

Paintings comissioned by HersheyCorp

Painting purchased by MetroBank for charity

Charitable donations include Habitat for Humanity, Aids Community Alliance, International Tinnitus Awareness Association, American Trauma Prevention, United Way, United Cerebral Palsy of Central Pennsylvania (UCP Central PA), Keystone Human Services, Keystone Greyhounds, Hershey Symphony, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Art Association of Harrisburg, Governor of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett, Mayor of Harrisburg Stephen Reed

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society exhibition

'The Duchess' exhibited at PA State Museum Art of the State 2013

Pennsylvania State Capitol Solo Exhibition Main Rotunda and East Rotunda

Purchases by Dennis Owens ABC27 Local News Harrisburg, PA State Representative Paul Costa, PA State Representative Sue Helm, Democratic Minority Leader Staff Kat Manucci, Former Political Speechwriter during the Kennedy Era Harrisburg Magazine's Tracey Meloni, (the stepmother of Hollywood Great and Artist's personal favorite, Christopher Meloni, (Law&Order: SVU/ Twelve Monkeys/ Man of Steel -2013/ 42 -2013.))

Purchases in Maine, Missouri, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Canada, Johannesburg, South Africa, etc.

Works listed for sale in popular online International Gallery,

'PriusDominatus': a visual commentary regarding tyranny, matriarchy and patriarchy set in a classical setting, with collaboration of Los Angeles Photographer Erik Oginski

'The John Harris Project': an Historical Recreation of Founder of Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA John Harris with actual descendent as Harris and former Broadway performer modeling custom period dress, with research guidebook narrated by the US Open's Andy Taylor, available on Amazon

'The MollyProject': The Pinkertons and the Molly Maguire revolt in coal country PA.

'The Whiskey Rebellion': Hamilton's second revolutionary war and a flat tax on whiskey in western Pennsylvania.

Ancient Celtic Empire Novel, 'Journey to Atlantis in 30, 000B.C.' (in progress)

Illustrated children's book 'JACK' with narration by ProTennis Announcer Andy Taylor

Various news interviews including Patriot News and, Harrisburg Magazine, CentralPA Business Journal, The Burg, CentralVoice, CBS21, ABC27, WGAL8, WITF/PBS, FOX43

Gallery exhibitions: Art Association of Harrisburg, Gallery at Walnut Place, Gallery@Second, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Haverstick Gallery, Second Floor Gallery, Ray Davis Realty Open House, Historic Harrisburg Association, Art of the State at Pennsylvania State Museum, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition, MassArt, Scholastic Art Awards, Appalachian Brewing Company, McDonald's, Al's Pizza, Palumbos Pizza, Bricco, Stocks on Second, various hotels and other buisnesses in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Gallery Assistant, AAH Harrisburg's oldest fine art school and gallery. At 80 years, it is one of the few landmark community arts non-profit resources in the state's capitol city. The organization is housed on Front Street along the river as the first Governor's Residence in Pennsylvania as the starting point for 'Governor's Row', comprised of all the Governor's Residences in Pennsylvania, past to present along the ancient Susquehanna River, the second oldest river system in the world.

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Contact or Inquiry

With regards to work availability, commission information, ordering artist reproductions, and any questions or comments.
Click here to email: bryan@
or from the INQUIRIES page.


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molloy thanksgiving 1995
Molloy Family @ Thanksgiving in Revere, MA USA 1995
illustration of JACK with Jack-O-Lantern as his head
Projects: Illustration of JACK with Jack-O-Lantern head, oil
AAH staf website photo
Staff photo from
Harrisburg Magazine KiteFest Article featuring Molloy with his SpotKite
Harrisburg Magazine KiteFest Article featuring one of 14 kites the artist donated which were auctioned for charity and displayed throughout Harrisburg
Patriot News article by David Dunkle of the Harrisburg One Night Stand Exhibition Series organized by Molloy
Press: Patriot News article by David Dunkle of the Harrisburg One Night Stand Exhibition Series organized by Molloy
HBG house commission
"Cliff's House", Commissioned house portrait.
 illustration of Mordred
Mordred from HBG Autistic Writer Philip Moore for book Molloy edited and illustrated,
The Duchess portrait
"The Duchess", oil. Portrait commission exhibited @ The Art of The State, Pennsylvania's premiere statewide art contest held by the State Museum of Pennsylvania in 2013.
"Tiffy", Pet portrait.

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